About Pro-Lies

Pro-Lies.org aims to expose the extremist anti-abortion groups that have a significant influence over legislation and lawmakers, including the Trump administration.

The anti-abortion lobby spreads hateful and misleading rhetoric in state legislatures, playing a key role in the unprecedented number of bans on abortion that have swept the country in 2019.        

The anti-abortion lobby routinely spreads lies and misinformation, not only about women who need abortion services, but also about birth control, sex outside of marriage, and the LGBTQ community. Specifically, it:

  • pushes outrageous myths about abortion that fly in the face of medical evidence
  • equates birth control with abortion
  • stokes homophobia by spreading mistruths about the LGBTQ community
  • perpetuates insulting and demeaning lies about women who have accessed abortion
  • champions false narratives about the harms of sex before marriage

Pro-Lies.org is a project of Equity Forward, an organization that runs research-driven campaigns to hold anti-reproductive health forces accountable.

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